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Anonymous asked:

So I heard you got hate...Lemme call my friend *Gets Happiness for Sale on the phone* Hi, Listen there's this guy who apparently said some very mean things to your girl. Oh, Yes I'll get my flamthrower, Yea, 5:00 is good, Bye, (Looks at you) It's all ok now don't worry.

thx bby






fun fact: i have been to the boardwalk in tribetwelve

its 111 fuckin degreses and the water is literally blood red

yea its nice

i haven’t been to florida in like 5 years
since when is the water red oh my god??

Whhh- It was when I went

The land around the boardwalk was covered in like two inches of red water

might’ve been the time of year?

you’re in collective territory m8


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